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You Can Get A Reliable Kratom Merchant Account

Think securing a merchant account for kratom payments is impossible? Think again! Let’s explore how to overcome these challenges together.

Understanding the Kratom Market

While kratom has centuries of safe use in its native regions, it’s relatively new in the U.S. and faces various hurdles including potential FDA restrictions and state legality issues.

The Kratom Merchant’s Struggle

Facing scrutiny from regulators and misinformation, kratom merchants often struggle to find payment processing solutions. The industry’s high-risk nature and chargeback ratios add to these challenges.

Navigating U.S. Regulations and FDA Perspectives

In the U.S., kratom’s legality varies. While federally legal, six states have banned its sale. The FDA’s stance and the DEA’s withdrawn intent to schedule kratom add to the complexity.

Kratom’s Legal Landscape Globally

Kratom’s reception worldwide is mixed. Countries like Australia and the UK have restrictions, while others like Thailand embrace its medical use.

Securing a Reliable Kratom Merchant Account

Finding a processor for kratom payments can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Mis-coding merchants or opting for offshore accounts are risky strategies that we steer clear of.

Your Trusted High-Risk Merchant Service Provider

At Bankcard International Group, we specialize in high-risk merchant accounts. Our experience with nutraceuticals and e-commerce makes us uniquely equipped to handle kratom payment processing.

Why Choose Bankcard International Group?

We understand the intricacies of kratom payment processing. Our in-house underwriting team evaluates each account, ensuring the best fit and transparent practices.

Our Commitment to Kratom Merchants

We offer a domestic processing solution that eliminates waiting periods and transfer fees. Our services are 100% PCI Compliant, and we provide robust tools for fraud detection and chargeback management.

Ready to Transform Your Kratom Payment Processing?

Join forces with Bankcard International Group for reliable, high-risk merchant accounts tailored to kratom payments. Experience personalized service and transparent rates for a successful partnership.

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