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Bankcard International Group's Expertise in Payment Processing

For businesses operating in non-high-risk sectors, Bankcard International Group offers a suite of payment processing solutions designed to optimize transaction efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is essential for accommodating the preferred payment method of many customers. Our services in this area are tailored to non-high-risk businesses, ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient credit card transactions.

Debit Card Processing

Debit card processing is a fundamental service for any retail or online business. We provide secure and efficient debit card processing solutions, ensuring quick transaction approvals and enhancing the payment experience for your customers.

ACH Processing

ACH processing is a reliable and cost-effective solution for handling electronic payments. Our ACH services are particularly beneficial for non-high-risk businesses that require efficient handling of regular payments like subscriptions or invoicing. This method ensures smooth and secure transactions with minimal fees.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent way to increase revenue and attract new customers. We offer versatile gift card solutions for non-high-risk businesses, perfect for special occasions or as part of a broader marketing strategy. These cards are an effective way to expand your brand reach and engage with a wider audience.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty programs are a powerful tool for increasing customer retention and spending. Our customized loyalty card services help non-high-risk businesses to reward repeat customers, encouraging them to keep coming back. These programs are tailored to match your business model and customer base, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Alternative Payment Methods

In today's diverse payment landscape, offering a variety of payment options is crucial. We provide non-high-risk businesses with alternative payment methods such as online payments, mobile wallets, and contactless transactions. These options cater to consumer preferences for convenience and speed, ensuring your business stays competitive.

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Bankcard International Group is committed to providing non-high-risk businesses with comprehensive payment processing solutions that are secure, efficient, and customer-focused. Our goal is to support your business’s growth by offering reliable and innovative payment services.

How We Work

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In just four easy steps, you’ll be on your way to efficient, reliable payment processing tailored to your specific needs.

Step 1

Complete Application

This first step gathers essential information about your business to ensure a perfect fit with our services.

Step 2

B.I.G. Matchmaking

Our 'BIG Matchmaking' process ensures that the solutions we provide are the best fit for your business's unique requirements.

Step 3


Once matched, we work closely with you to implement the chosen solutions. Our team ensures a smooth integration process, helping to set up your payment system with minimal disruption to your operations.

Step 4

Recieve Payments

Start receiving payments efficiently and securely, with the full support of Bankcard International Group's robust payment processing system.

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