Industry Solutions

We're here to provide tailored payment solutions that match the distinct requirements of your business.

High Risk Payment Processing

Our high-risk payment processing solutions are built on a foundation of trust and legitimacy. Benefit from our affordable pricing, tailored to deliver quality services within a reasonable budget. Depend on our secure and consistent systems for your peace of mind in challenging markets.

Payment Processing

We offer non-high-risk payment processing services that epitomize legitimacy and transparency. Our affordable rates ensure you receive high-quality services that respect your financial constraints. Rely on our secure and dependable processing for smooth financial operations.

CBD Payment Processing

Choose our CBD payment solutions for a transparent, honest approach to your industry’s challenges. With our competitive pricing, your budget is prioritized without compromising service quality. Our dependable systems ensure consistent, secure processing for your business.

Cannabis Industry Payment Processing

Our cannabis payment processing solutions are grounded in legitimacy, meeting the specific needs of this industry. We offer these specialized services at competitive, affordable rates, ensuring quality without financial strain. Count on us for dependable, secure transactions, tailored to the unique dynamics of the cannabis market.

Why Choose Us

Thrive with Bankcard: Your High-Risk Business Ally

Bankcard International embodies dependability, legitimacy, and affordability, offering high-risk businesses a trusted payment processing partnership. We prioritize these pillars to ensure seamless, secure transactions tailored to your unique industry challenges.


In an ever-changing financial landscape, dependability is key. Bankcard International provides reliable, uninterrupted service, ensuring your transactions are always in safe hands.


Affordable payment processing shouldn't compromise quality. We offer cost-effective solutions, balancing top-notch service with budget-friendly rates, making financial success accessible to all businesses.


Your business deserves a payment processor that upholds the highest standards of compliance and security. With Bankcard International, you gain a partner renowned for its legitimacy in the industry.