Gen Z: Time For A New Cannabis Payments And Marketing Approach

As Gen Z starts to assert its presence in the cannabis market, with approximately 4 million reaching legal age annually, cannabis companies must recalibrate their marketing strategies and payment processes. This generation’s unique worldview necessitates a fresh approach to consumer engagement and transaction methods.

Gen Z’s Influence on Cannabis Market Trends

Gen Z, numbering 67.17 million, is on track to represent 40% of all consumers in the next decade. Already commanding $143 billion in spending power, they’re reshaping consumption patterns in the cannabis sector. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z shows a preference for inhalables like pre-rolls and vapes over edibles, valuing convenience and speed in their purchasing experiences.

This demographic is also more financially cautious, often eschewing credit in favor of practical spending habits. This trend suggests a potential shift in payment preferences within the cannabis industry, moving away from traditional credit card usage.

Key Strategies for Engaging Gen Z in Cannabis Marketing

  1. Social and Environmental Consciousness: Gen Z values social responsibility and environmental sustainability, often choosing brands that mirror their ethical beliefs. Authenticity is key; they expect genuine commitment to these values from companies they support.
  2. Engaging Through Digital and Social Platforms: As digital natives, Gen Z predominantly interacts with brands through smartphones and social media. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are crucial for reaching this audience, emphasizing the importance of mobile-friendly marketing and e-commerce experiences.
  3. Embracing New Payment Methods: With a propensity for digital transactions and an inclination towards convenience, Gen Z is likely to welcome innovative payment solutions like PIN Debit in the cannabis sector. This approach aligns with their preference for quick, familiar, and secure payment methods.

Understanding Gen Z’s Cannabis Consumption Patterns

Gen Z’s upbringing in an era of legalized cannabis has led to a more normalized view of its use, free from the stigmas of previous generations. They’re more informed and open-minded about cannabis, influencing their purchasing decisions and preferences in the marketplace.

Catering to Gen Z’s Expectations in Cannabis Retail

The cannabis industry must adapt to meet Gen Z’s expectations for a seamless and transparent buying experience. Solutions like PIN Debit cater to their comfort with digital transactions while ensuring a straightforward and secure process at the point of sale.

Moreover, Gen Z’s demand for contactless payment options, such as mobile wallets, aligns with their lifestyle and values, making this a key area for cannabis businesses to explore and implement.

Future Outlook: Gen Z’s Impact on the Cannabis Industry

As Gen Z continues to mature and exert influence, it’s crucial for the cannabis industry to stay attuned to their preferences and values. Bankcard International Group, with its extensive experience in high-risk payments, is committed to providing legitimate, compliant, and reliable payment solutions tailored to the evolving cannabis market.

Our ETA Certified Payments Professionals are well-versed in industry regulations and ready to help cannabis merchants adapt and thrive in this dynamic landscape.

Contact us to explore how we can support your business in meeting the needs and expectations of the Gen Z market.

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