2022 – Is A Banner Year For Cannabis Legalization On The Horizon?

With the legalization of recreational cannabis in several states during the November 2020 election and legislative actions in early 2021, the momentum for cannabis legalization is undeniable. This growing trend, coupled with overwhelming public support, indicates a significant shift in the national perspective on cannabis.

Recent Developments and Public Opinion

Recent years have seen a substantial increase in states legalizing cannabis for recreational use, with 19 states and Washington D.C. now permitting it. However, challenges remain, as seen in South Dakota, where a court overturned the voter-approved legalization. National surveys, such as the April 2021 Pew Research poll, show that 60% of Americans support legalization for both medical and recreational use, highlighting widespread public acceptance.

Looking Ahead to 2022

As we approach 2022, several states are preparing to place cannabis reform measures on their ballots. These range from proposals for fully regulated recreational cannabis markets to initiatives for medical marijuana programs. States like Arkansas, Idaho, Maryland, and several others are poised to make significant strides in cannabis reform.

One notable development is California’s push to legalize psilocybin mushrooms for adult use, potentially setting a precedent for the legalization of other substances.

States to Watch in 2022

Several states are showing promise for successful cannabis reform measures. For instance, Arkansas is considering allowing adults to purchase and grow cannabis, while Idaho focuses on legalizing possession for private use. Maryland and Missouri lawmakers are also working towards putting legalization measures to a vote.

Other states like Ohio and Oklahoma are collecting signatures for ballot initiatives, and South Dakota is awaiting a Supreme Court decision on the overturned legalization vote. In Wisconsin, lawmakers are advocating for the legalization of cannabis possession and sales.

Advancing Medical Marijuana Programs

Beyond recreational use, there’s a concerted effort to expand medical marijuana programs across several states. Idaho, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Wyoming are all working towards introducing or expanding medical cannabis initiatives.

Additionally, efforts are underway to decriminalize marijuana in Idaho and Wyoming, aiming to reduce penalties for possession.

Federal Response to State-Led Initiatives

With increasing state-level legalization and medical marijuana initiatives, the question arises: Will 2022 be the year the federal government takes decisive action on cannabis policy?

Bankcard International Group: Supporting the Cannabis Industry

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